Matt & Woolie's Old School Playthroughs:

Alien Soldier

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Game Alien Soldier
Episodes 3
Length 01:52:30
Original Run Mar 23, 2013 - Apr 10, 2013
Controller Woolie
Metal Gear Rising looks like War and Peace compared to this.” — Woolie

Oldschool Playthroughs - Alien Soldier is an Old School Playthrough in which Matt and Woolie fight tons of bosses, die to change loadouts, and talk about awesome names for their dicks. This three part playthrough is Woolie's redemption for his poor performance in Donkey Kong Country and Metroid Fusion.


Woolie's redemption begins here!
— Playlist description

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Quotes Edit

Ladies and gentlemen. You're not even ready. You're not even ready.
— Woolie
You're not ready for the crackling sounds of ass that is the Genesis sound chip.
— Matt
So you're fighting guys from Berserk, off the bat.
— Matt
Did Dotaists design this game?
— Matt
Shoot the powerups to get more powerups.
— Matt
What's Rustlemania? I don't know.
— Matt
Metal Gear Rising looks like War and Peace compared to this.
— Woolie
You've never seen a boss so mini. It's Pat-sized in its mini-ness.
— Matt
No pollen spreading in my galaxy, fucker!
— Woolie
Real guys switch weapons when not lookin' at explosions!
— Woolie
On a space elevator.
— Matt
Does every boss need to be shooting stuff out of the butt?
— Matt
This entire game was a rolling start.
— Matt
Parry asteroids.
— Matt
Run Epsilon Eagle. Carry the souls of all the dead children with you.
— Woolie
Treasure was Platinum Games before Platinum Games.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • According to his Reddit AMA, this is Woolie's favourite playthrough.

Gallery Edit

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