“We love to BEAT UP!” — Playlist description

Best Friends Beat 'Em Ups is a series of videos based around any combination of the Best Friends Matt, Pat, Woolie and Liam uniting their superpowers to beat a beat 'em up game. All of the episodes can be viewed in this playlist.


  1. Dungeons & Dragons Shadow over Mystara
  2. Alien vs Predator
  3. Final Fight 3
  4. Dragon's Crown
  5. The Simpsons Arcade Game
  6. X-Men The Arcade Game
  7. Night Slashers X
  8. Fatal Fury Final
  9. Ninja Baseball Batman
  10. Mother Russia Bleeds
  11. I am the Hero
  12. River City Ransom Underground
  13. Spider-Man/Venom: Seperation Anxiety
  14. Fight'n Rage
  15. Urban Lockdown


  • This is the first series featuring all four Best Friends at once.  The first time they all appeared together in a video was during the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Machinima episode.
  • The spelling of "Best Friends Beat 'Em Ups" varies. The apostrophe at the beginning of 'Em is sometimes placed at the end, making Em'. This can be seen in the title cards, as well as the titles for both Dungeons & Dragons Shadow over Mystara episodes. The rest of the episodes in the series titles are correct, however.