This chat policy explains the guidelines for appropriate use of Best Friends Wiki Chat, which can be found on the righthand rail of most pages on the site.

It should also be remembered that people are able to use Wikia's systems freely from the age of 13. We can make no guarantee to users as to the suitability of the chatting environment for any particular age group.

Chat Rules

  • Be civil. Generally, there is no need for hostility, so just have fun and be nice!
  • Do not make personal attacks. This includes, but is not limited to: racist, sexist, homophobic, or religious name-calling remarks.
  • Minor, occasional cursing for emphasis or dramatic effect will not be used as a rationale for kicking or banning; however, users may be banned or kicked from chat for repeated and gratuitous foul language.
  • Engaging in any harassment, spamming, trolling, or linking to inappropriate content is frowned upon and will result in being banned from chat. Threats of violence, especially death threats, will not be tolerated.
  • Being intentionally disruptive to other users is, quite simply, irritating. Please note that writing full phrases or sentences in all capital letters is typically perceived as yelling.
  • Display good wiki etiquette when stating disagreements. Disagreements with other users can be discussed without resorting to personal attacks.


Users who break the above rules may be punished by being kicked or banned from using the chat and/or being blocked from using the wiki as a whole. The type and length of the punishment will depend on the severity of the rule-breaking, as decided by the wiki's administrators and chat moderators. Unless the first offence is severe, users will not be banned or blocked unless they have already been given a warning.

Chat Moderators

All admins of the wiki are automatically chat moderators. Other users are also be made chat moderators, giving them the ability to kick and ban people from the chat. Chat mods should enforce the rules set forth on this page to the best of their abilities, and be able to back up any decision they make to ban a user. If a moderator is unavailable and a user is violating the chat guidelines, please take a screenshot of the incident and leave a message on a moderator's talk page.

If it is felt that a chat moderator is abusing their abilities, contact an administrator so s/he can decide whether or not that person's moderator rights should be removed. Any user has the right to dispute their ban if they think it was unjustified.

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