Big the Cat in "Big Bad Big" by CrankyConstruct.
“Don't worry, Froggy. The pain will end soon!” — Matt as Big the Cat

Big the Cat is a playable character in Sonic Adventure and one of the Best Friends' most hated Sonic characters, along with Shadow the Hedgehog.

Description[edit | edit source]

Big the Cat is one of the six characters available from the start of Sonic Adventure. His story consists entirely of him looking for his 'best friend' Froggy. When he does find Froggy, he proceeds to shove a large fishing hook in his friend's mouth and violently yank him out of his natural habitat. He does this five or six times and then goes home with the hole riddled frog corpse that was Froggy. Throughout the Sonic Adventure Let's Play, Matt and Woolie discuss parallels between Big the Cat and Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs and other serial killers. Liam defended Big one time saying, “Big the Cat is the shit, man. You just didn't read the Archie comics right.”.

Aside from probably being a serial killer he also doesn't vaccinate his kids, thinks Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is one of the best science fiction movies ever, gave Griffith the Behelit, says Aeris instead of Aerith, and Gatsu instead of Guts, always parks in the disabled spots sideways, bot-voted Goku and Superman for Smash, wrote the Squall is dead theory, starts Kickstarters and then runs off with the money and literally crossified Jesus.

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