Two Best Friends Play:

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013

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Game "Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013"
Season 6
Episode 9
Length 12:13
Upload Date Jan 6, 2013
Controller Pat
Previous Xbox Live Indie Games III
Next Harry Potter Kinect

Two Best Friends Play: Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 is a Machinima episode where Matt and Pat go on dangerous hunting adventures, brutally murder animals with Cabela, make fun of Skyrim's tree physics, and hunt the most dangerous game of all.


IT’S COMING RIGHT FOR US! But we have our trusty shotguns just itching to shoot nature in the face!
— Website description

Intro Edit

Matt and Pat pop up from some tall grass armed with Super Scopes. Pat looks down the sight of his and sees a Cucco. He shoots it and celebrates with Matt, but a group of angry Cuccos appears from the tall grass and surrounds them.


We watch Santa get really mad as we shoot all his elks.
— Pat
These deer killed my entire family and slaughtered them.
— Matt
That deer will never walk again or play basketball with his homies.
— Pat
I'm glad that health packs literally grow on trees out in the wild.
— Pat
Bears don't know how to jump. It's beyond their tiny little bear brains.
— Pat
It's the most powerful rifle in the world.
— Matt (impersonating Revolver Ocelot)
Animals are nothing against American lead!
— Matt
Even the trees have gained bloodlust.
— Pat
Oh my god, it's a herd of your mom!
— Matt (as elephants appear on-screen)
Our dad's on, like, a military headset being like,"Go for the deer. Go for the deer."
— Pat
The moose is guiding you to your own death.
— Matt
He's guiding me to, like, his ancient ghost moose army...made out of terra cotta statues of moose. And then him and Shang Tsung are gonna steal all of our souls.
— Pat
"Hey, Dad, I literally killed a dozen wolves."
— Matt


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