Castle Super Beast is a weekly podcast hosted by Woolie, starring him and Pat. Each episode begins with what each person did that week, and then segueing (usually poorly) into discussion about video game and pop culture news, followed by answering questions from fans, ending with the "Zaibatsu Watch", briefly informing what they've individually been stalking that week, as well as giving brief cliff notes of what to expect in the upcoming days on the channel.

Updates on new podcasts are posted on Woolie's Twitter @WoolieWoolz.

The podcast is hosted on Libsyn. The iTunes page is located here. There is also a Soundcloud page that can be found here.

The podcast recording can be watched live on Twitch.


Occasionally. guests will also appear on the show. A majority of the episode will take place as usual, without the guest, and the guest will be introduced later. Guests have included:


  1. That's How it is on This B*tch of an Earth
  2. RANDY NO (Allegedly)
  3. Succ 2 Save Fyre Festival
  4. Panic Attacks In Paradise
  5. The Sony Let's Playstation
  6. Your Colostomy Bag is a Z-Targetable Weakpoint
  7. No Nipples Podcast
  10. My Youthful Soul Is Filled With B*tch
  11. Life Starts When The Player Camera Leaves The Balls
  12. Instanced Bathrooms are High Risk High Reward
  13. Unstoppable Octoroon Devil Trigger
  14. Doppio's Epitaph, but it's Twitch Chat
  15. Your Crunch-Baby is sealed behind a Metacritic Score Cage
  16. Tinydeals for Big Money Rustlas
  17. Omnishambles: Push Rope To Save The City
  18. The Product That Was Promised
  19. CTE: Canine Tournament Extreme
  20. Grabble's Got Nooch
  21. Sorry About Your Julien, Gunboy
  22. Edgy Edgy Bishie Bishie Breaky Breaky (For GIRLS)
  23. Surprise Mechanics in the Basement
  24. All-Punch The Waif-Ooze
  25. Chicken Parm 2: Rife With Wife
  26. You Must Not Let The Pepsi Damage Stack
  27. Ping Crimson: Packet Loss Requiem
  28. Edge your Bing for Memory Leaks
  29. Hired Goons Delivered Straight to your Ass
  30. Bioshlock: Bunions and Toe-crack
  31. Reedus Peedus: Let Us Grow Piss-shrooms Together
  32. Takumi is Toilet Drifting
  33. Hoes Mad X40
  34. N-Word Accent Core +R
  35. Barpartheid
  36. Everbrown Content
  37. You'll Never Believe What The Guys Say This Week!
  38. Down with Animal CBT
  39. Must Yell Racist Slurs to Fight Tyranny
  40. Mental Pop-Filter At Risk
  41. Overwatch 2 Announced Direct to Pornhub
  42. Digital Sandcastles: Please Say Sike
  43. S-Rank Your Mother's Corpse For America
  44. Controller Reveal Party
  45. Nuns Full Burst
  46. Chokejerk is Not Enough
  48. Lubbychudder Chronicles: Rise Of Sonic Dot EXE
  49. what if u… joined the dark side.. aha ha just kidding.. unless..?
  50. Dog Names MUST be Blue Collar
  51. The Hustlecast
  52. Ukrainian Scientists In The Dugout
  53. Piranha Plants Dig Watersports
  54. Pull Your Babynut: Reforged
  55. GTAB: Get To A Bottle
  56. The May 1918 Dabbings (originally Harriet Tubman Says Wakanda Forever)
  57. Full Throated Hard R Deep Nut Wheelchair Miracle: Piss Bottle Dominance
  58. Syrinjizz: Writers Are Just Failed Artists
  59. Absolute Drug Baby Loves to Get Wet
  60. Nerdy Meatbag Wipeouts
  61. GameStop is a Sovereign Citizen
  62. Pizza-ghetti Probably Cannot Hurt You
  63. Equip Gun To Start Relationship
  64. Share Button Out, Shame Button In
  65. All Teachers Get One Until It Is Done
  66. Theme of Womb Explosion by Ludvig Fossell
  67. Upgrade to N-Pass Premium Today
  68. CRASBO: Die Now, Die Later
  69. The Tony Hawk Microwave Hallway Scene
  70. That's Rough, Buddy



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