The title card, as seen in 25 To Life
“Where my dawgs at? Bark with me, if you are my dawg!” — Playlist description

Cryme Tyme with Woolie and Matt was a series of videos featuring Matt and Woolie playing gangster games. The series originally started with 50 Cent Blood on The Sand, but it wasn't until the third episode that the series was dubbed as "Cryme Tyme" and given an animated intro.

The entire series can be viewed in this playlist.


  1. 50 Cent Blood on The Sand
  2. 187 Ride or Die
  3. 25 To Life
  4. NARC
  5. Crime Life Gang WARZ!
  6. 50 Cent Bulletproof
  7. True Crime: Streets of NY
  8. Def Jam Fight For New York
  9. Bad Boys Miami Takedown
  10. The Getaway
  11. The Con
  12. The Sopranos: Road To Respect
  13. Scarface: The World Is Yours
  14. Mafia III
  15. True Crime: Streets of LA
  16. APB Reloaded
  17. Made Man: Confessions of the Family Blood


  • The intro animation for this series was made by 2Snacks.
  • The song used in the intro and outro is "Baddest" by P-Money and Gappy Ranks.
  • The title "Cryme Tyme" is a reference to the wrestling duo Cryme Tyme.
  • According to Matt on the Super Best Friendcast, there were several dropped conceptual names for the series, such as "Black Things with Woolie & Matt", among others.
  • There were actually three different Cryme Tyme playlists on the channel, the older one being another "Cryme Tyme" with the eldest being "Cryme Tyme With Woolie & Matt!", both of which were forgotten for a long period before finally being deleted.