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Crymetina, aka Leana Kowalewski (nee Mastromonaco), is the wife of Bossman and host of Crymetina Critiques. Her family, the Pizza Pasta Force, runs a Italian-Canadian Mafia, or something.

Her Twitter account is @Crymetina.

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  • In the ninth episode of "The Bug Report", Crymetina reveals that when she worked in QA, Woolie was her boss and she, Billy and Liam were colleagues.
  • Crymetina approves of her husband's friendship with Hitomi J-Cup.
  • Crymetina is a member of a Florida-based Italian crime family, known only as the "Pizza Pasta Force", and is rumored to have been accessory to several of their enemies getting whacked while vacationing in the Florida Keyes. Legends tell that this day was known as "Whacking Day."
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