Daigo vs Woolie: PAYBACK!

Fighterpedia 13
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Game Super Street Fighter 4
Length 8:40
Date Jul 27, 2012
Previous Is Smash Bros a fighting game?
“The game plan was to footsie.” — Woolie

Daigo vs Woolie: PAYBACK! is the thirteenth and final episode of Fighterpedia where Matt and Woolie express their love for fighting games and their origins. Woolie then goes on about how he's flying out to Vegas for EVO... to fight Daigo Umehara. In preparation for this epic battle, Woolie begins training by... eating snacks, sleeping, and playing Minecraft.

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— Video description

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On the day of EVO 2012, Woolie and Daigo face off, playing as Blanka and Ryu, respectively. Though Woolie wins the first round, Daigo makes a comeback and claims two rounds for himself, winning the first match. With both fighters close to the end of their vitality, Daigo wins the first round of the second match using his Ultra combo. In the second round, Daigo delivers an Ultra combo, knocking Woolie's vitality down to almost nothing. Daigo closes in for the finishing strike, but is knocked down by Woolie, who wins the round. In the end however, Daigo wins two to zero.

Quotes Edit

They have buttons, and fighting!
— Matt
Believe in what exactly? We don't know. But we do! Sorta....
— Matt
I gained the powers I had today from the souls of dead siblings. May history forget their names.
— Woolie
The fightier, the bettier!
— Matt

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  • This episode was published on TheSw1tcher, unlike all of the other Fighterpedia episodes, which were published on the Machinima channel.

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