Two Best Friends Play:

Deadly Premonition

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Game Deadly Premonition
Season 1
Episode 13
Length 13:48
Upload Date Mar 20, 2011
Controller Pat
Previous Red Dead Redemption
Next Resident Evil 4

For the full Let's Play, see Deadly Premonition (Full Let's Play).

“I rom hacked your mom's ass last night.” — Matt
“Hey fuck you. You don't know how to code.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Deadly Premonition is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat become honorable agents by collecting bizarre spinning powerups, eat a lot of the pickles, get their faces fisted, and try to figure out what their unpaid salary is.

About[edit | edit source]

We take our first trip into Greenvale, and still can’t handle that weird monkey/squirrel hybrid!
— Website description

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Why the fuck are they using public domain monkey noises for squirrels?
— Pat
What the hell? Is that Heath Ledger's ghost?
— Pat
Lollipops are good. Who are you to say otherwise?
— Matt
I wish i could beat you over the head with a fucking steel pipe right now.
— Pat
You're waggling it pretty hard maybe that... it's too much.
— Matt
Oh shit there's a zombie over there! Watch out... oh, it's just an old lady.
— Matt
You put that shit as your cellphone ringtone!
— Pat

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