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Game Dragon Ball XenoVerse
Season 9
Episode 13
Length 16:47
Upload Date Mar 7, 2015
Controller Woolie, Pat, Matt
Previous The Order 1886
Next Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
“A Mary Sue has entered the battle.. battle... battle...” — Woolie

Dragon Ball XenoVerse is a Machinima episode in which Matt, Pat, and Woolie travel through the Dragon Ball Z timeline, defending it from the evil forces attempting to alter it. Can the Best Friends outwit the diabolical Démigra and avoid this terrible fate? Tune in for the next exciting episode of Super Best Friends Play, "The Best Friends Defeated!".

About[edit | edit source]

Oh Dragonball Z games. We've come so far since Budokai and Tenkaichi. Now we're in the Xenoverse? Man I don't know.
— Facebook description

Quotes[edit | edit source]

If Akira Toriyama were still alive today, he would want the XenoVerse to be the true end of the Dragon Ball series.
— Woolie
Okay, I wanna back you up on, like, three statements.
— Pat
When you see characters that you don't recognize, I immediately start sweating and going, "What's going on? My childhood!". No! No, don't show me these characters!
— Matt
Dragon Ball is a lot of things, but deep it is not.
— Pat
I don't know. That hole that they dumped all that money up to Toriyama's house was pretty deep.
— Matt
Uhhhh... Uhhhhh.... Goku is Looper.
— Matt
You never mistook your grandmother for a little kid?
— Woolie
Oh man, Saibaman. The most underrated of Dragon Ball heroes.
— Matt
Hey, are you one of the pupils of Mr. Popo? How come you don't have his trademark lips?
— Matt
You're skins a lot lighter than his.
— Woolie
Wow, Mr. Popo, it's weird how you're blue now.
— Pat
Mr. Popo, you're the only one who can defeat the alien from the watermelon planet!
— Pat
A Mary Sue has entered the battle.. battle... battle...
— Woolie
Make a fighting game for fuck's sake!
— Matt
Will the Zaibatsu Fighters defeat the Evil Team Four Star? Find out on the next episode of Super Best Friends Play, "Team Four Star Defeated!".
— Matt

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