Elmo stealing Pat's job after moving in fifteen minutes prior
“Someone's a big baby and constantly needs attention because he's adorable. #elmoments” — Pat

Elmo is Paige's pet cat that Pat has adopted as his son.


Elmo is a eleven year old half Maine Coon cat, found in a dumpster and taken to Tree House Animal Shelter in Chicago, where he was barely even washed up when Paige adopted him. He was brought to Pat's apartment on October 4th, 2016. Elmo has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, causing problems with his back legs, anxiety, which causes him to chew off patches of his fur, and OCD. Whenever Elmo does something weird or dumb, Pat and Paige insist that "He's doing his best!".

Known Aliases[]

  • Emlo
  • Mr. Pee-Pee (by Paige)[1]
  • The Baby
  • Bebis
  • Smellmo



Elmo very much resembles a bike horn with legs today. Every single meow sounds like a honk.
— Pat [2]
Oh, what a good boy. He's done nothing, but he's a good boy. You know why? Cause he's the best child ever. I sometimes think about people with real children, like, human children, and wonder if they can feel even a smidgen of the love we feel for Elmo. And the answer is no. They could never.
— Pat [3]
How does Elmo smell? He smells like a cat, doused in smell.
— Pat, RE4 Twitch
Honk honk honk, toot toot toot, rub your face, honk your snoot.
In this chat, we stan this cat.
— Paige
I would kill all of you for a second for this cat to get a treat. And some of you would let me.
— Pat
What a good guy. Objectively: Terrible cat. Wakes us up constantly, screams all the time, knocks shit over... Smells... But I love him.
— Pat, FF14 5.3 Live Letter [4]


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  • Despite popular belief that Elmo was named after Paige's love for Elmo memes, the cat's name actually came first.
  • Elmo was already called Elmo when Paige got him. According to Pat's 2018 Dark Souls III stream, Paige isn't actually a fan of Elmo the muppet; her favorite is Grover. Paige has a Grover doll, which she still sleeps with to this day.
  • Pat has expressed how Zach irritates his allergies in the past, and has stated that he is allergic to Elmo, so it is unknown why he now thinks it's a good idea to be around a cat all day.
  • Paige discovered Elmo while she worked at an animal shelter. A tiny whiny kitten let out of quarantine dragged itself across the floor, sopping wet and soaked in its own piss, and crawled into Paige's lap. The kitten was already named Elmo by the time he met Paige.
    • However, according to Paige, Elmo's nickname "Pee-Pee" comes from an instance when she drunkenly engaged in baby talk with the cat. "It has nothing to do with piss."[5]
  • Elmo's favorite food is his own fur.
  • According to Pat, Elmo hates the Chinese.
  • In part nineteen of the Resident Evil 5 Let's Play, Pat says he thinks Elmo has learned how to open a door to leave his apartment, and now he is worried that if he finds it open, he won't know if he left it open or if Elmo opened it.
  • In his Twitch playthrough of Hollow Knight, Pat named the collectable grubs Grubmos in honor of the cat. He successfully collected every Grumbo.
  • Elmo once appeared in a professional stage production of Anne Frank.[6]
  • Elmo has his own theme song, BEEP BEEP. It was released on Youtube by Umby on 3 April 2018. Paige uses the song as her stream outro.
  • Elmo appears in Pat's stream outro, in which Pat shouts "Shut the fuck up Elmo!"
  • Elmo's hobbies include stepping on the keyboard during Twitch streams and licking his own bag.
  • Elmo will not eat treats or food given to him, only specialist cat food from his bowl. He will also eat his own fur, and chocolate, despite both of these things being bad for him. During the RE4 Twitch stream, Elmo licked a chocolate cake and Paige had to rush him to the vet. Elmo is big and strong, however, and was unharmed.


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