Two Best Friends Play:

Fighter Within

Fighter Within
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Game Fighter Within
Season 8
Episode 7
Length 14:03
Upload Date December 15, 2013
Controller Matt, Competitive
Previous Super Mario 3D World
Next Ryse: Son of Rome
“So Woolie did arcade mode when he was here. He did one fight and he was exhausted.” — Matt
“That's why he's in the hospital.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play Fighter Within is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat block Zach so he doesn't fuck up the Kinect, dick punch continuously, punch the babies out of women, and do DBZ power ups.

About Edit

Oh man, the Kinect is the most precise way to control a video game ever.
— Video description
Oh, Kinect.
— Website description

Intro Edit

Pat shows up at Matt's apartment with a copy of Fighter Within. Matt puts it in the Xbox. Five minutes later, Matt takes out the game and throws it on the ground. He and Pat then stomp on it until it breaks.

Quotes Edit

This game is scanning my dick and they're going to send it to viral marketers.
— Pat
All the benefits of next-gen. Slow loading and motion controls.
— Pat
I need you to learn how to fuck off the edge of my dick.
— Matt, as James Small
You're basically fighting a giant Scotsman made out of fart gas.
— Pat
I gotta Cross Tekken this?
— Matt
Slam you, you bitch!
— Pat
Kinect is poop on dog sticks!
— Pat
My lady dick!
— Pat
You're way better at Kinect than I thought.
— Matt
You know what's really great about fighting games? Knowing what character you picked.
— Pat
Xbox, go die.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • The game shown at the end of the episode is Killer Instinct, another fighting game for the Xbox One.
  • The episode opens with a Machinima preroll clip in which someone uses a Kinect to navigate their Xbox to Machinima to watch the episode. This is followed by the intro in which Matt and Pat stomp the Kinect and the game into pieces.


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