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Final Fantasy XV

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Game Final Fantasy XV
Season 11
Episode 5
Length 17:29
Upload Date Dec 11, 2016
Controller Pat
Previous WWE 2K17
Next Yakuza 0
“Gladio, can you please button up your shirt? It's distracting everyone.” — Pat

Super Best Friends Play Final Fantasy XV is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat play the Final Fantasy game made for fans and first timers alike where they kill a bunch of rats to get their life-stream auto-blow back from the local Spagos.


4 brave warriors embark on a journey to banish the darkness encroaching on the land...and they'll take

as many selfies as possible along the way.

— Video description


So, I don't know about you, but when I was ten and the first Final Fantasy Versus Agito, whatever the fuck, trailer came out that showed Noctis in a stretch limo and he was looking all pensive. Do you remember those trailers?
— Matt
I remember that when I was nine. This game took eighty-five years to come out.
— Pat
I wanted it on the lite mode because that has the best frame rate apparently and that's the best you got.
— Pat
You're going over my asshole limit.
— Pat
This is the limit to what my asshole can take.
— Matt
He's weak to insults about his performance issues in the bedroom.
— Matt
When Noctis' Pappa Roach CD is done, the game is over. I want his limit break to be Last Resort.
— Matt
How many dicks can you draw?
— Matt
In the frozen time?
— Pat
Gladio, can you please button up your shirt? It's distracting everyone.
— Pat
Bumb into Sidney Tata McTitburgers there.
— Matt
That's a fair description.
— Pat
Tastes even better now.
— Pat
Yeah, now that I know it was stolen from the elderly.
— Matt
There's a fifty-fifty chance that I'm being voice by Liam O'Brien or Troy Baker.
— Matt

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