Two Best Friends Funtime Adventures

First Person Stupidity

First Person Stupidity
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Episode 3
Length 8:35
Date Jan 27, 2013
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“You know, every time I hang out with you, I end up getting hunted by some Lovecraftian horror or some shit!” — Pat

First Person Stupidity is the third episode of Two Best Friends Funtime Adventures, a series animated by 2Snacks and written by Matt and Pat.

About Edit

Matt & Pat tumble even further down the proverbial rabbit hole that is the universe of video game genres. Even with the power of a first person perspective, will they be able to fight their way out?
— Video description


After escaping from the evil Mummy Lobster, Matt and Pat enter the world of DOOM. Pat then proceeds to blow the heads off "cute" monsters while Matt begins to talk about how cool enemies used to be until they encounter a Cyberdemon. They take cover and talk about how lame final bosses are in modern shooters. Matt throws a fire axe which hits a switch to a secret with a bunch of weapons, and kills the Cyberdemon.

Matt and Pat fully equip themselves with shotguns, fire axes, and other hype ass weapons and blast their way through all of the DOOM enemies. They put down modern shooters while getting overly excited over first person shooters from the "glory days" and make their way to the final doors. They put in all three keycards to gain access to the almighty prize, Duke Nukem Forever. They express their discontent with the game, walk away sadly, and throw the game in the garbage. Pat sees a mysterious door and a sword. He grabs the sword and the credits begin to roll.

Quotes Edit

You know, every time I hang out with you, I end up getting hunted by some Lovecraftian horror or some shit!
— Pat
I don't remember inviting your mom.
— Matt
What are you looking at? Is it Emma Stone wearing a top hat?
— Matt
Old-ass first-person shooters also got them cool shootbangs that make the enemies explode real nice!
— Matt
Now I hold the drill that will pierce through the heavens!
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • The music used at 1:16 is "At Doom's Gate", from the DOOM soundtrack.


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