Two Best Friends Play:

Grand Theft Auto V

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Game Grand Theft Auto V
Season 8
Episode 2
Length 17:10
Upload Date September 21, 2013
Controller Matt
Previous Saints Row IV
Next Beyond Two Souls
“Trade your baby, get GTAV twenty-five percent off!” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Grand Theft Auto V is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat carry out bank heists as 80's presidents, do the civilian flail, yell at douche bag businessmen, and talk about hobo pits.

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That's it, I want Chop to have his own video game!
— Video description
It’s been a while since we last visited Los Santos, so let’s test out collision and dog physics!
— Website description


You know, Rockstar should really give you some type of paper craft to make while you wait for this to load.
— Matt
It's a good old-fashioned Christmas robbery.
— Pat
They make me sit here for twenty minutes with my cock in my hand and I can't even murder someone the second I play the game?
— Pat
Why can't you play as Scrooge McDuck in a GTA game?
— Matt
I want to be Barry O. the bank robber.
— Pat
There was this stroller and in the stroller was just a copy of GTAV.
— Pat
Nobody's getting a Dreamcast now.
— Pat, during an in-game funeral
I want this to cut and he's gnawing on the furniture.
— Matt
Here at the Best Friends, we always raise the roof 24/7.
— Matt
L.A. is bullshit!
— Pat
Are you a hot girl? No. Ticket.
— Matt
No one's gotten a hand job in cargo shorts since 'Nam.
— Matt
You know what's hood as shit? Jumping off construction shit!
— Pat
I fucking hate these box fans. Not even good for dick-cooling.
— Pat
You're saying a lot of words, but I don't think you quite know what they mean.
— Matt
I hope we don't find anything super raw in here.
— Pat
Like what- Woolie just sitting in there with a bunch of homeless guys?
— Matt
— Matt, impersonating Ethan Mars

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