“Woolie slowly estranges all of his co-workers for kicks.” — Pedro Victor
Gun To Your Head

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Gun To Your Head is a series featured on WoolieVersus in which Woolie surprises the Zaibatsu with Naruto questions.

The entire series can be viewed in this playlist.


  1. Unlock your Borutogan, Pat!
  2. Matt betrays Hidden Village, Eats Chicken Wings
  3. The Best Episode of Naruto Liam Has Ever Seen
  4. Reveal Your True Colours, Geoff!
  5. There's No Escape, Austin!
  6. Can't Run From The Gun, Arcadea!
  7. I can't believe LittleVMills is dead
  8. Time for a "SHOOT" interview, Brennan!
  9. A Colt for Clemps
  10. Billy Must Be Stopped