“Hey, this game was made with money, and it came out on a system that people owned, and some people liked it, so FUCK THAT.” — Pat as James Small

James Small is an acquaintance of the Best Friends who is often mentioned and ridiculed on the show. This has become a running joke, and made him quite infamous with fans of the show.

James mentioned his wiki page on Friendcast Episode 97, where he made his first credited appearance on Zaibatsu Media. He claimed he was not the man driving the Shame Car and he has never appeared on the channel up until then.

James Small was instrumental in getting the Metal Wolf Chaos full Let's Play going and as such, 2016 is known as "The Year of James Small" in the Zaibatsu chronology in his honour.


Potentially a more realistic image of James

James Small hates the PS2, and believes the Dreamcast is the best console ever, something he is reputedly fixated on reminding people of in between cups of tea with biscuits on the side. He will even go as far as refusing to play any PS2 games. These two facts make him the butt of many jokes throughout the show. He is also super butthurt about his wiki page, as confirmed by Matt and Pat in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and The Walking Dead.

Matt first met James Small at his first QA testing job, where Small was lead tester. Since quitting that job, he ran into Matt frequently and even did some work with Woolie. All of this is according to Matt on AMA on Reddit.


  • James Small will defend Mindjack, but says NeverDead is shit. 
  • James Small purportedly kicked someone out of his home for bringing a PS2 there.
  • During the Lollipop Chainsaw episode, Pat and some girl talk about James Small smashing a PS2 in an empty lot then burning it for his birthday.
  • During the first episode of their Predator: Concrete Jungle playthrough, Woolie mentions to Matt that the copy of the game belonged to James Small before he gave it to Woolie.
  • In Volgarr the Viking, Matt mentions that James Small once recommended a Conan game, which turned out to be bad.
  • However, he was mentioned in the Ultimate Muscle Kinnikuman Legacy video and was alluded to in the Beyond: Two Souls episode.
  • In episode fourteen of Disaster: Day of Crisis, it was revealed that James Small once woke up to a woman strangling him. In the same episode, Matt and Pat mentioned that there was a story James asked them not to share that involved a lot of blood.
  • When Matt first met James Small he was wearing a Zangief shirt.
  • James Small calls every character he creates "dave", no matter if they're male or female.
  • James Small once referred to Anarchy Reigns as "A limp-dicked MadWorld that plays worse than Dynasty Warriors".
  • While watching the Volume trailer for Sony's Gamescom 2014 panel, olde English text appears on screen and Matt says, "I can't read that James Small shit."
  • In episode fifteen of The Evil Within, Pat mentions an incident where James Small added him back on Facebook in order to talk about The Evil Within and how it was his game of the year. When Pat asked for his opinion on the game's similarities with Resident Evil 4, James admitted that he never played RE4. This explains everything about James Small as far as Matt and Pat are concerned.
  • In Pat's second AMA on Reddit, Pat says that if James Small ever came back from England, they would consider including him in a video. [1]
    • James Small would later visit Montreal during E3 2015 and was subsequently put in a video.
  • In part two of their Way of the Samurai 4 LP, it's mentioned that James Small is a fan of the game.
  • After years of speculation and build-up, James finally made his Zaibatsu debut in episode ninety-seven of the Super Best Friendcast and in the fourteenth episode of the Mystery Box.