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Jerry the Predator is the name of the main Predator character given by Matt and Woolie during their bomb-ass Predator: Concrete Jungle Let's Play.

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He is known for being a total scrublord and pissing off Uncle Phil, the leader of the Predator Pack, eventually getting on Phil's nerves so much that he gets banished to a Xenomorph-infested planet. Over the course of the game however, he starts to become more badass and regains his rank as a true Predator.

Jerry used to be an extremely skilled hunter until he got his ass handed to him in 1930's New Way City. He regains his skills over the course of the game but specializes in killing Butt Sluts and Luchadores. When not killing things and being badass, Jerry is mostly concerned with impressing fellow predator Tina and taking her to Predator Prom and whether or not he should buy a boat.

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