“Look at all that shit I did for Kenny. Look at all that stacked up shit.” — Matt

Kenny, also known as the Boatmaster Extreme, is a secondary character that antagonises Matt and Pat during the The Walking Dead full Let's Play.


Kenny is perhaps best known for making the racist assumption that Lee knows how to pick locks because he's black. They also make fun of his obsession with boats and well-groomed mustache. There are several occasions where Kenny could have saved Matt, but instead stands there like the dumbass that he is. Although Matt did several things for Kenny, such as putting his son Duck out of his misery, Kenny doesn't give two shits and proceeds to be the biggest dick in the group. For a long time, Kenny was the greatest nemesis of Matt and Pat, though his position was eventually overtaken by Quint Dunn, whom Matt declared "the new Kenny," and Pat deemed was far, far worse.

Season TwoEdit


Kenny in season two.

Kenny in Season Two is still much the same evil delusional villain as he was in Season One, but there is one notable difference; he is completely unaware to the fact that Pat, Matt, and the other characters within the game absolutely despise him and want his head on a silver platter. Unlike in Season One, Matt and Pat make an active effort to make Kenny's life a living hell, which includes telling Clem's group to not trust him, axing his girlfriend in the face while Kenny watched, and forcing him to sit by himself while everyone else gathers around a fire, all while telling him that he's a dick at every given opportunity. As a result, Kenny hates Matt and Pat just as much as they hate him. Luckily for Kenny he is no longer the most hated character in the game, as they have found characters in Season Two who they hate even more than him. The Walking Dead: Season Two Shitlist includes Nick, Troy, Carver, and Reggie. In Episode Fifteen of the Let's Play, Matt and Pat finally put an end to Kenny's evil reign of murder and terror by shooting him in the chest and watching him slowly bleed to death (just like what John Wayne would have done).  

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