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Episode 4
Length 9:07
Date Jul 14, 2013
Previous First Person Stupidity
Next The Feel of Action Games
“Are we in... Detroit?” — Matt

Kombat Time is the fourth episode of Two Best Friends Funtime Adventures, a series animated by 2Snacks.

About Edit

Matt & Pat get snatched away right before entering Devil May Cry Land! Snatched away? Go see Snatch! That movie rocks!
— Video description


Taking place immediately after the previous episode, Pat is wielding the sword he received and is excited to finally get to do action game shit. Matt then sees a mysterious hooded figure which teleports them into the world of Mortal Kombat, which Matt thinks is Detroit. They get attacked by Mileena and Matt admires her pixelated chest beefers. Mileena knocks Matt out and takes them to Shao Kahn. Matt kindly asks Shao Kahn to give him the permission to motor boat his daughters and then he locks up Matt and Pat in a dungeon.

After Matt comes onto Sonya with his Kano impression, the Invisblessed makes his appearance. Pat becomes mesmerized by Reptile whom get creeped out and proceeds to attack Matt and Pat. They end up running into ninja Christopher Walken and the other Mortal Kombat fighters. After Johnny Cage gives them the "Kamihotdoguu", they argue about how they should use it. Matt wonders how long they've been gone and thinks Woolie may have taken over their channel. In reality, Woolie is eating chips with a fight stick and his game of Mahvel right next to him.

Quotes Edit

I wanted to do sick combos!
— Pat
Are we in... Detroit?
— Matt
You have the best pixelated chest beefers I have ever seen!
— Matt
Man, I wish I could hit you so much that I could retroactively stop your birth!
— Pat


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