“Fuck off Mallow!” — Liam

Mallow is a main character in Super Mario RPG that Pat and Liam shit talked throughout the full LP after they cut him out of the party due to him being the most useless member in the group. Mallow is basically the kid that always gets picked last in gym.

Description[edit | edit source]

Pat and Liam found Mallow to be the weak link of the Super Mario RPG character cast. They didn't even consider him a member of the group and thought he was just taking up space. Every time Mallow leveled up, Pat and Liam would tell him to go fuck off and go warm the bleachers as it was the only thing he was good for. Mallow was also hated for being a big dumb cry baby and being stupid enough to belive he was a toad when he was clearly a cloud humanoid type creature.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Oh nice, they tell us right away that Mallow can't jump for shit.
— Pat
Mallow is a pathetic, baby child.
— Liam
Like, if I grew up in Woolie's family and they were like, 'Pat, you're adopted.', I'd be like, 'Yeah, no shit! I figured it out'.
— Pat
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