Super Best Friends Brawl:

Mario Party

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Game Mario Party
Length 51:20
Upload Date Aug 18, 2012
Winner Woolie
Next Anarchy Reigns
Previous Super Bomberman 5
“I would like to appeal this to the Mario Party committee!” — Pat

Super Best Friends Brawl - Mario Party 9 features Pat, Matt and Woolie playing this wildy popular board game that's played on video game consoles. Pat flexes some dice rolling muscle early on, but Woolie shows belief in the heart of the cards and pulls out a late victory. The sound is distorted in this video but because of that the ending is made that much better.


Matt, Pat and Woolie finally square off in the game that has destroyed countless friendships and several civilizations.
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

What's shittier than mediocre? Woolie I guess.
— Pat
The Third Strike of board games!
— Matt
Losing in Mario Party IS winning.
— Woolie
Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen.
— Matt
— Pat
When does the cocaine come out at this party?
— Woolie
Cocaine would only make this hype go down.
— Matt
Rape his ass, it is primed for raping.
— Woolie
Yomi is the Japanese word for reading the mind of the opponents.
— Pat
It is appropriate though that the first game Pat manages to win requires no skills.
— Matt
This is the most skillful game of all.
— Pat
Turn it back! Turn the beat back!
— Woolie
Bowser you're a stupid dick!
— Pat
— Pat's reaction from going from first to last

Trivia Edit

  • According to his Reddit AMA, this Brawl is Woolie's favourite.
  • One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy 7 is played during the final match.

Gallery Edit

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