Matt's Bomb-Ass Zelda Tribute!

Matt's Bomb-Ass Zelda Tribute
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Game Various games from The Legend of Zelda franchise.
Length 00:59
Date Nov 20, 2011

Matt's Bomb-Ass Zelda Tribute! is a video featuring Matt singing original lyrics to the tune of the main theme for The Legend of Zelda. In this video, he expresses his love for the series, and insists people play a game that isn't a "brown shooter".

About Edit

It's dangerous to go on youtube alone! Watch this!
— Matt

Lyrics Edit

Zelda, Zelda's great! You spend your time breaking people's shit Golden cartridges and golden doohickeys Hey let's stab Ganon in the face (Oh shit! Damn!) Zelda, Zelda's great! You fuck an owl I already talked to you! Dark worlds are overplayed Great faeries look depraved and the water dungeon was shit (everyone complains about it I know but it's true) Zelda, Zelda's great! Well, excuse me, princess! Shop at Malo Mart Now let's all press start and play something that's not a brown shooter

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