Matt Buys Too Much Crap!

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Game Street Fighter X Tekken, X-Men Origins Wolverine, and Blood Stone 007
Length 6:32
Date Mar 12, 2012
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Two Best Friends - Matt Buys Too Much Crap! is a video featuring Matt showing off all the terrible purchases he's made in the recent past.


Street Fighter X Tekken, X-Men Origins Wolverine, and Blood Stone 007 are the three hideous game titles he's purchased recently. He then added to his movie collection a Schwarzenegger two pack (Redheat and The Running Man), Redline, Inglorious Basterds (bought for Blu-ray when he had it already on DVD), Minority Report and Man on Fire. Finally, he bought a Game of Thrones DVD set despite seeing every episode already and the X-Men FOX cartoon.

As one can see, in just the last week or so he's compulsively bought a year's worth of entertainment for most people and clearly has a problem with spending money.  However, he still didn't buy Binary Domain because it's terrible and no one should support garbage, according to Matt, even though that's exactly what he did throughout this entire video.


I buy too much crap. Deal with it, I guess.
— Matt


In case you didn't know, HMV is having a "we suck at selling video games sale". So this was 75% off, it was 30 dollars to begin with so with math I paid like negative 3... they paid me like 3 dollars to take this. So, you can't hate on that.
— Matt talking about X-Men Origins Wolverine
James Bond, the British Wolverine.
— Matt
Those aren't even good Schwarzenegger movies really...
— Matt
Fuck you.
— Arnold Schwarzenegger
There's also Dakota Fanning, who was a little kid back then, but now she's super hot! Oh god... is she 18? Oh Jesus, I should've done some research.
— Matt talking about a then 18 and 1 month old Dakota Fanning


  • Matt shows off a what appears to be steel case copy of Assassin's Creed III, despite the game not coming out for another 7 months. It later was released as the premier episode of Season 6 in November of 2012 for their Machinima series.