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“Matt McMuscles has been stylin' and profilin' on the internet since 2007...or somewhere thereabouts. Remember the unmemorable cartoon flophouse? Yeah neither does anyone else. However! There was an honest simplicity to those days and The Matt McMuscles Flophouse is a return to that era of YouTubing...but with a few modern conveniences.

This apothecary of awesomeness caters to all desires and fetishes! No need to be shy! Enjoy the lurid taste of breakfast cereals? Pine for the leathery feel of a Kaiju's skin? Yearn for your spinal cord to be ripped out by a Predator? And want to enjoy the carnal pleasures of a Bible Black Club?

You've entered the Flophouse friend...enjoy your stay!”
— Channel description

Matt McMuscles is Matt's YouTube channel.

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