Mike0Dude and Woolie Selfie
“Mike0Dude's a piece of shit.” — Pat

Mike0Dude is a moderator of the Two Best Friends Play subreddit and a known associate of the Best Friends Zaibatsu. He is notorious for sending Woolie a copy of ReBoot for the PlayStation, the playthrough of which he appeared in for parts eight onward.

Trivia Edit

  • In part four of the Heavy Rain stream, it is revealed that Mike enjoys anchovies on his pizza, to everyone's disgust.
  • In part twelve of Woolie VS Reboot, Mike tells Woolie that his username comes from the NeoPets username he had when he was eight years old; the name was chosen in reference to the character "Zero Cool" from the movie Hackers.
  • Mike0Dude makes homemade ice cream which Woolie refuses to eat.
  • Woolie stole his cooler during the Woolie VS Reboot series.
  • He feeds in league.

Gallery Edit

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