AngriestPat Twitch stream intro by Volta Bass.

Pat Streams At refers to Pat's Twitch account at Pat began streaming on December 11, 2016, with Final Fantasy XV, which was uploaded to the Super Best Friends Play channel. Pat has continued streaming since and is often accompanied by his girlfriend Paige, their baby Elmo, their roommate Skellmo, a portrait of Steve Buscemi, and occasionally other friends of theirs.

Archives of the stream are posted at Pat's Youtube account, Pat Stares At.


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Twitch emotesEdit

Image Code Emotion represented by this emote
ApatBig apatBig A highly useful generic intensifier.
ApatLiz apatLiz Pat.
ApatCaw apatCaw Birb
ApatSkelmo apatSkelmo Skelmo, Pat and Paige's skeleton stream mascot, wearing the Fatal Fury hat.
ApatSmug apatSmug Heh
ApatWrong apatWrong "THATS WRONG".
ApatSkelmoney apatSkelmoney Skelmo with a moutful of money. Thanks, Money.
ApatElmo apatElmo Elmo does the best he can.
ApatOrange apatOrange Pat eats an orange.
ApatPat apatPat Pat is on-brand angry.
ApatFist apatFist Angry fist.
ApatMenace apatMenace ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ 「MENACING」
ApatCrazy apatCrazy Crazy Talk」, Pat's Stand.
ApatBlep apatBlep Emlo.
ApatPorgmo apatPorgmo Emlo.
ApatCrazyhead apatCrazyhead Crazy Talk
ApatCrazyhand apatCrazyhand Crazy Talk
ApatCanada apatCanada Pat eh
ApatWhat apatWhat Pat, confused
ApatWink apatWink Elmo he such a good boy
ApatDab apatDab *grunts*
ApatHoldon apatHoldon "Hold On". A frequently used emote during stream outages.
ApatRaffle apatRaffle  !RAFFLE
ApatJpeg apatJpeg JPEG Dog, the dog from Ace Combat that is literally just a photograph of a dog.[1]
ApatGib apatGib Elmo wants to eat his own hair, but Pat won't let him.
ApatGoblin apatGoblin Pat's brain goblins
ApatSleep apatSleep Pat sleep
ApatHat apatHat Pat wearing a Get Smoked hat.


  • Pat's animated stream intro was created by Volta Bass in 2017. The intro music is "Blooming Villain" from the Persona 5 OST.
  • The stream intro music was later changed due to copyright.
  • At several points in Pat's stream intro, he is inaccurately depicted with hair.

Stream intro referencesEdit

The stream intro compiles numerous references to Pat Streams At lore:

  • Skelmo: A skeleton Pat owns. It sometimes appears in the background of streams. In some streams, it wears an Elmo hat.
  • Mustard: An IV bag of mustard reflects PeachSaliva (Paige)'s legendary love of that condiment.
  • Peepee: A nickname for Pat's beloved cat, Elmo. The cat's namesake, Elmo from Sesame Street, appears in the audience when Pat and Paige duel.
  • Crazy Talk: Pat's Stand, which causes reality to change in order to make him look like he was wrong.
  • Huge: An inaccurate depiction of Pat as tall. The kanji 甚大, jindai, mean "very great", "enormous", or "serious".
  • Sega's DoA 20 years business plan: ???
  • Virtua Fighter XX: ???
  • Closet cake: In 2016, Paige caught Pat shamefully eating chocolates while hiding in a closet, and later posted a photo of Pat eating cake in the closet. In the Nier LP, Pat also admitted eating muffins at night without telling Paige, but denied that muffins are cakes (see the "Muffin Denier" incident).
  • Rubber fist: Visible in the closet alongside an Autoblow2 and 100,000 X-Acto blades, Pat kept a rubber fist sent to the Super Best Friends mailbox.
  • No but it's perfect tho: Pat insists that the brightness on his TV is PERFECTLY CALIBRATED.
  • Don't let it set in: The phrase Pat uses to remind himself not to let his existential dread and nihilism over the inevitable pointless of his existence overwhelm him. Also used by Woolie to mess with Pat.
  • Croissant sandwich / Team Bread vs Well I'm Just Going to Eat the Meat: References to this incident in which Pat offers Paige a sandwich with "ham and cheese, and a croissant, and uh lettuce", and refuses to let her just eat the ham.
  • Gotta go fast: A well-known reference to the theme song of Sonic X.[2]
  • Gotta cheat: Pat is notorious for using everything he can get to win, including cheating. Pat big cheat.
  • True Eggman: Pat's head look like a egg when he gets a haircut, which is rare because he has a fear that the barber will spit in his hair.
  • Birdman: ???
  • Cakelord / Cakes? / Muffin denier: A reference to an argument between Pat and Liam during the Nier LP whether pancakes are muffins or cakes. Pat insists that muffins are not cakes, for which Liam calls him a Cakelord.[3][4][5][6][7]
  • Pro MK player: ???
  • Liquid Melee: Pat's hatred of coconut water and Melee combined in one. Pat once became physically ill after consuming coconut water on stream. In a New Vegas stream on 27 Feb 2019, following the announcement that EVO had dropped Melee, Pat appeared to have no idea why everyone was typing "Liquid Melee" or what it even referred to.
  • Hail the King: Elmo, Pat's cat, is often depicted wearing a crown. Elmo is also depicted next to a ゴ sound effect from Jojo, which is one of Pat's stream emotes.
  • Honk Honk: A noise that Pat and Paige make at Elmo. Pat also honks to give videogame clues to Paige whether she is hot or cold.


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