“Of all the games I've played, Quint is my most vicious nemesis.” — Pat

Quint Dunn is a character from Deadly Premonition whom Matt and Pat despise. He has even been referred to as "the new Kenny" by Matt, though Pat believes he is way worse.

Pat wants to systematically dismantle and remove everything Quint lives for, leaving him a broken shell of a man, just as Quint did to him.

Description Edit

“He's a mystery trapped in a riddle trapped in a cowboy hat.” — Matt

Quint Dunn frequently trolls the Best Friends throughout the Deadly Premonition Let's Play. On multiple occasions Pat tries to search his trailer for clues. At one point (part thirteen), he can be seen eating in the diner behind Thomas MacLaine, much to their chagrin. Later (part fourteen), his house was closed, even though he was inside and it was raining out. When Pat peeked inside, he wasn't there. Throughout the playthrough, Pat passed the time by smoking outside of his trailer. One of his more humorous moments is when he glitches back and forth in attempts to enter his trailer. This includes floating in mid air, awkwardly warping back to his original position and flying through the door of his trailer (part ten and eleven). In part twenty-one of the playthrough, Matt and Pat witness Quint floating outside his car door, but somehow still operating it. In part thirty-three, Quint returns as a zombie, and Pat tries to kill him. This results in a game over, however.

Quotes Edit

Quint supersedes the investigation.
— Pat
He's is the greatest villain that we ever fought in the best friends.
— Pat talking about Quint
He's a mystery trapped in a riddle trapped in a cowboy hat.
— Matt
God, I hate Quint so much. I hate Quint so much!
— Pat
I ruined his marriage and now I stole his car!
— Pat
I stole his wrench, I took his girl, now it's my car. Suck it Quint!
— Pat
You should trade faces with him.
— Matt
Shiiit! Quint's causing more shit 'cause I fucked with him! 'Cause I ruined his marriage and stole his car! And his wrench!
— Pat

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