Rocky a.k.a The Real Rocky, is one of Matt's oldest friends. Has been mentioned on the podcast a few times, as well as being Matt's best man at his wedding, and now has appeared on Flophouse Funsies.

His few mentions on the podcast consist of Matt telling the tale of Rocky who, much like most people in the world, was better than Matt at videogames. That all ended when he become a real adult and went to work far off in some cold land, even colder than Canada, which lead to him stop playing videogames overall but still kept in contact with Matt.

He has now appeared on Flophouse Funsies playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order with Matt and Liam.

His Twitter account is @Pinnito.

Trivia Edit

  • Rocky was mentioned in part 19 of the Eternal Darkness LP, when Matt said he stated that Sailor Jupiter is the hottest.
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