Rustlemania 2 Intro.jpg
“Gentleman! Welcome to the second best sports entertainment, YouTube based event ever!” — Matt

Rustlemania 2: SuperBrawl Saturday III is a series of videos that Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam uploaded throughout August 2015 as a sequel to 2013's Rustlemania event, featuring a different wrestling game every day. The entire series can be viewed on [ the website] or on YouTube.


  1. WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2011
  2. WWF Wrestlefest
  3. Virtual Pro Wrestling 2
  4. John Cena's Sexy High School Adventure
  5. WWE Smackdown vs RAW
  6. 3 Count Bout
  7. WWE All-Stars (2nd Impact)
  8. Kinnikuman Grand Prix 2
  9. Wrestle Angels Survivor!
  10. Wrestlemania The Arcade Game
  11. 5 Star Wrestling
  12. Power Move Pro Wrestling
  13. Ring of Destruction
  14. Backyard Wrestling Don't Try This At Home!
  15. Celebrity Deathmatch
  16. Funaki Hybrid Wrestler
  17. Legends of Wrestling
  18. Wrestlemania XIX (STEINERMANIA)
  19. ECW Anarchy Rulz
  20. WWC/Astral Bout 3
  21. Ahh Harimanada SUMO WRESTLE!
  22. Action Arcade Wrestling 2
  23. All-Star Wrestling Featuring Virtua
  25. Ring Rage
  26. WWF Betrayal
  27. Rumble Roses
  28. Def Jam Vendetta
  29. Smackdown Here Comes the Pain! (2nd Impact)
  30. Zaibatsu Wrestling Federation In Your House - LIVE!
  31. Best Friends All-Star Royal Rumble Invitational

Jimmies' Status[]

The overall tally of all jimmies measured for Rustlemania 2 so far have resulted in a score of

[20] Rustled

[67] Unrustled

Resulting in the Best Friend's jimmies coming in at a 29.9% Rustled Rate for the month.

Best of Montage[]

A highlight reel covering all the Rustlemania episodes was released September 26, 2015, called The Best of Rustlemania 2.


  • The title art for this series was created by Maren.
  • A teaser video for this series was uploaded on July 25, 2015.
  • The different intro songs used for the series are:
    • Episodes one through six and twenty-three: "Thorn in Your Eye" by Jim Johnston feat. Slam Jam.
    • Episode seven: "Glass Shattered" by Disturbed and theme song for 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.
    • Episodes eight through thirteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, nineteen, twenty-two, twenty-five, twenty-nine, and thirty: "Across The Nation" by The Union Underground.
    • Episode fourteen and twenty-eight: "Break Down the Walls" by Jim Johnston and Adam Morenoff and theme song for Chris Jericho.
    • Episodes eighteen, twenty, twenty-six, and twenty-seven: "Wrestlemania IX Theme Song" by WWF Productions with vocals from Neon Jones.
    • Episode twenty-one: "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace and theme song for Chris Benoit.