The Scrublords logo.
“Fame. Honour. Glory. Salt.” — Series Logo

Scrublords is a spin-off series of Fighterpedia in which Matt and Woolie play (typically terrible) fighting games. The series derives humour from the awful mechanics, graphics and premises of the games they play and to a lesser extent discuss the differences between what makes a good fighter and a bad fighter.

Between rounds, the show parodies video advertisments by having short clips of an increasingly desperate PR representative giving shout outs to bizarre sponsors and begging viewers for money and support, including a kickstarter for a kickstarter for a project. Pat and Liam later appeared in the "season finale."

The Scrublords theme tune is The Unsung War, from the Ace Combat 5 soundtrack. It plays at the start of each episode, except for the finale where it plays during the final match.

While Scrublords seems to have ended for now, Woolie has stated during the podcast that it is very likely to return at some point.

All of the episodes can be viewed in this playlist.

Season One[]

  1. Double Dragon V The Shadow Falls
  2. Kabuki Warriors
  3. Deadliest Warrior Legends
  4. Sailor Moon
  5. Shaq Fu
  6. Fight Club
  7. Tournament of Legends
  8. Tao Feng: Fist of The Lotus
  9. Transformers Beast Wars Transmetals
  10. Sonic The Fighters
  11. X-Men Next Dimension
  12. Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi

Scrublords Battle History[]

Woolie 8
Matt 4
Pat 1
Liam 0