Two Best Friends Play:

Sleeping Dogs

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Game Sleeping Dogs
Season 5
Episode 7
Length 12:38
Upload Date Aug 19, 2012
Controller Matt
Previous NES SNES and Genesis!
Next The Amazing Spider-Man
“Let's see if they can figure out the ancient Chinese art of running in circles.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Sleeping Dogs is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat control Wei Shen, the undercover cop who in between busting Triads gets some cock fighting, Emma Stone perving and patio crotch washing done. This episode is enriched with many puns, usually occurring after gruesome fighting moves.

About[edit | edit source]

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Intro[edit | edit source]

The intro cartoon starts with two adorable pups napping inside a basket, which Matt and Pat happen upon. After looking at the sleeping dogs long enough the two are overcome with their cuteness and burst into tears.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

That's too much, Wei! That's WEI too much!
— Pat
I had to fight Robocop on the streets. It was sick.
— Pat
Kicking guys when they're down just like John Wayne would've done!
— Matt
Ooooh, that Dogeyes!
— Pat
Vegetables? Leeks? Man, fuck this.
— Matt
Dude, you just drank sixty dollars worth of energy drinks.
— Pat
Mummy Lobster 2012.
— Matt
You love it. You love it when the juice of the pork bun goes all over your face.
— Matt in a bad Chinese accent
You love shoving pork bun down your throat, you skank!
— Pat in a bad Chinese accent
Hey, kids, remember: wear a seatbelt and after every car crash, text the authorities if you're OK.
— Pat
[Shoves a man into a phonebooth] Oh! I'm gonna call long distance, bitch!
— Matt
Ice cream gives you health regeneration, obviously.
— Pat
[Throws a man face first into a fan] I guess he wasn't a FAN of my fighting style!
— Matt
That fish knows what's up.
— Pat
I won! I won all of the cocks!
— Matt
My cock, is the supreme!
— Pat

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