Two Best Friends Play:

Soul Calibur V

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Game Soul Calibur V
Season 4
Episode 6
Length 14:48
Upload Date Feb 26, 2012
Controller Matt and Pat
Previous Beatdown Fists of Vengeance
Next Spider-Man Games
“h8erfisternator has made some interesting life choices.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Soul Calibur V is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat continue their never ending battle to see who is better at fighting games while controlling.. the same little girl character who doesn't want to fight? They later move onto online play and meet some interesting characters who they've friended on Xbox live.


Welcome back to the stage of Sophitia having chronic back problems!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon has Matt and Pat squaring off with ridiculously elaborate swords in hand when Pat taunts Matt with a one finger salute causing him to charge, Pat slyly just moves to the side and Matt falls over a ledge into the water. However, Pat's move is all for naught as his enormous sword is so heavy it drags him into the water as well.

Quotes Edit

You're distracted by my sick man thong.
— Pat
Your pubic hair looks like bumblebee fur?
— Pat
You know what nunchucks are good for? Keeping the Queen of England out of your face.
— Matt
[User Fearsome Bush is highlighted] I didn't know your Mom had Xbox Live?
— Matt


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