Two Best Friends Play:

Star Trek

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Game Star Trek
Season 7
Episode 5
Length 14:10
Upload Date May 12, 2013
Controller Co-op
Previous Blood Dragon
Next Aliens: Colonial Marines

For the full let's play, see Star Trek (Full Let's Play)

“I'm not sure if he's seen my penis, but it's most illogical.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Star Trek is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat use Batman vision in space, boldly go into Zachary Quinto's face, plan on going on a trip to Hyrule to get raped by a Goron, give Spock a back massage with their feet, and fully embrace solar attacks.


To boldly go where no one has gone before! Dick first into a bunch of bugs and bullshit!
— Website description



You know what Star Trek's about? It's about du-
— Pat
It's about revenge!
— Matt
It's about dudes and robots and aliens and people with accents standing around going, "I think the engine's fuckin' busted."
— Pat
Wait, the dick is illogical?
— Pat
You're just inside him again!
— Pat
I just went to the Kanye concert, so fucking cool. Space Kanye!
— Matt
It just loaded like this!
— Pat
Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Come at me!
— Matt
Oh! Miss hot bot space face.
— Matt
But they're actually just playing Vita.
— Pat
Playing what?
— Matt


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