New Super Best Friends Play

Star Wars Battlefront

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Game Star Wars Battlefront (2015)
Season 10
Episode 6
Length 14:31
Upload Date Dec 13, 2015
Controller Pat
Previous WWE 2K16
Next Rise of the Tomb Raider
“I'm being shot in my ass, just like the real Luke Skywalker.” — Pat

New Super Best Friends Play Star Wars Battlefront is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat travel to a galaxy far, far away in order to fight off the evil Galactic Empire and their waves of unrelenting, unnecessary DLC.


About[edit | edit source]

Hey this is a Star Wars game, so we should have a Star Wars pun or reference here, right? Not going to happen. This isn’t the description you’re looking for.
— Website description

Quotes[edit | edit source]

R2D2, where is the single player? Fuck off.
— Matt as C3P0
I can play as Monster Mash, and use his Graveyard Smash.
— Pat
It's like if the Vatican got blown up and the Catholic church got disbanded, in thirty years you saw a guy with a cross going, 'Your devotion to that ancient religion!'.
— Pat
Man, I wish I was a sad and old Bruce Willis.
— Pat
What is going on with my ass?
— Pat
I don't know.
— Matt
Thanks RedLetterMedia for letting us steal all your material and jokes.
— Pat
Jedi Jesus could just, fucking, like, levitate himself off the cross couldn't he?
— Matt
I'm being shot in my ass, just like the real Luke Skywalker.
— Pat
She has the edges of a pie around her head. So you just turn around and Woolie is just sucking on her head.
— Matt
E.T., the Hitler of space.
— Matt
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