Super Best Friends Brawl:

Super Bomberman 5

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Game Super Bomberman 5
Length 34:04
Upload Date Jul 22, 2012
Winner Woolie
Next Mario Party 9
Previous Worms 2: The Armageddon
“Terror has never been so adorable.” — Woolie

Super Best Friends Brawl - Super Bomberman 5 features Pat, Matt and Woolie playing a strategic bombing game with their totally kawaii little bombermen. Woolie is able to build up a big lead early on and then later hold off Matt for another win. Pat was terrible at the game and was never much of a factor besides blowing himself up frequently.


What happens when three rivals get their hands on shitloads of bombs in an enclosed room? Nothing good, that's what.
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

The Oklahoma City bomber was no where near as cute.
— Woolie
You're red because you have no soul.
— Matt on Pat
In Bomberman world, war never changes.
— Matt
ID tag bombs.
— Woolie
You can't mess with us, I got Jesus on our necklace.
— Matt
This is the most inconclusive rap battle I've ever been apart of.
— Pat
Bomberman 101 motherfucker, don't corner yourself, bitch.
— Woolie
I'm deadly salty right now!
— Pat
I killed myself, because I'm a genius.
— Pat
You know what needs a clean sweep? Your house!
— Pat
This is Babe Ruth pointing to the stands right now.
— Woolie
— Pat on Babe Ruth
This concludes the worst episode of Best Friends Brawl ever.
— Matt
Diago's next, fuckers! What no, that already happened.
— Woolie

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