Two Best Friends Funtime Adventures

The Feel of Action Games

The Feel of Action Games Episode 5
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Episode 5
Length 10:00
Date Sep 15, 2013
Previous Kombat Time
“I can't believe I'm gonna die like this... I never even got to tell Matt how stupid his lame Punisher hat is!” — Pat

"The Feel of Action Games" is the fifth episode of Two Best Friends Funtime Adventures, a series animated by 2Snacks and written by Matt and Pat.

About Edit

Finally, Matt and Pat make their way to the stylish and stupid world of character action games!
— Video description

Description Edit

This episode begins with Matt and Pat trapped in a locked room, which won't open. As Pat tries to hack it open with his sword, Matt finds Ebony and Ivory on the other side of the room. Picking them up causes Pat to be ambushed by enemies, but Matt is too busy playing with the guns to notice. After a hard battle, Pat narrowly survives. Matt, oblivious to what happened, tells Pat that they should go now that the door has unlocked. Pat angrily raises his sword as they cut to the next scene, where Matt can be seen with a large wound on his face.

As they continue, Matt suggests that character action games should be more like nineties beat 'em ups. As Pat explains the beauty of character action games, Matt imagines Pat as Bayonetta. After a nerdy slap fight, they begin climbing a large staircase. As they begin to argue yet again, Pat is knocked out the window by a flying enemy. Pat defeats the enemies, and continues to plummet. On the way down, Pat tells Matt to shoot his sword, telling him that it will save them. Matt insists that it makes no sense, but does it anyway. After killing several enemies, the bullet hits the sword, which causes it to slice through even more enemies. As a result, the demons all fall neatly into one corpse pile, onto which Pat lands safely. Matt accidentally falls off himself, only to land into the concrete, completely unscathed.

Pat then spots the evil demon door they entered in the first episode, but before they can leave, they are stopped by the Mummy Lobster. The Lobster then morphs in his final form. Pat is quick to shrug this off, but he is terrified to find a new foe standing beside them... a basking shark.

Quotes Edit

I think we need to find a jewel or some shit, and that'll let the sunlight reflect on the statue, and then the boss is gonna appear, and then you kill the boss and that's gonna net us the Back-Mounted Devil Teeth that shoots roses, right?
— Pat
Well, you have a point, but you're too stupid to properly convey it.
— Pat
I can't believe I'm gonna die like this... I never even got to tell Matt how stupid his lame Punisher hat is!
— Pat
Just shoot my sword, the bullet will boost it super fast!
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • In this episode, Matt can be seen with a pink ribbon. This is a reference to Ninja Gaiden Black, in which the player is tagged with a pink ribbon if they die repeatedly in the first level, and play through the game on "Ninja Dog" difficulty, the easy mode.

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