The Shockmaster

The Shockmaster is debatably, one of the best rustlers ever. He made his first appearance on Two Best Friends Play - WWE All-Stars for about 15 seconds. He later reappeared on Super Best Friends Brawl - WWF No Mercy. His appearance, though not consistent, is typically outlandish and ridiculous.


  • The Shockmaster is based on Fred Ottman, who debuted as the Shockmaster when he signed to WCW in 1993 after being known as Tugboat or Typhoon on the WWE for years. The character's viability was immediately sullied when Ottman, bursting through a wall as part of his grand intimidating entrance, tripped face-first over a piece of wall that didn't break properly and lost his glitter-coated Stormtrooper helmet in the process. Unsurprisingly, the character has become a popular in-joke among wrestling fans of a certain age.
  • The Shockmaster's dubious debut was parodied in the introduction of Two Best Friends Play: WWE '13 (BRAWL EDITION), animated by 2Snacks.


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The Shockmaster Debut

The Shockmaster Debut

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