Two Best Friends Play:

Tomb Raider

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Game Tomb Raider
Season 7
Episode 2
Length 10:34
Upload Date Apr 21, 2013
Controller Matt
Previous Slender: The Arrival
Next Injustice
“You're pretending to be an 18 year old Asian girl?” — Pat
“Hey man, whatever gets me into the rooms gets me into the rooms!” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Tomb Raider is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat do their job by complaining about the game, can't stop talking about Batman stuff, mention the Bear Grylls/Lara Croft super race, board the S.S. Stereotype, and destroy male genitalia.


We feel we need to protect Lara from renegade rebarb and Bear Grylls impregnation!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon shows Lara about to be shot by a wave of arrows, only to be blocked by Matt, who is holding a sign reading "Maybe tonight?". Behind Lara, an unseen assailant is about to shoot her with a shotgun, but Pat gets in the way and receives a shotgun blast to the face. Afterwards, Lara falls into a fiery pit and explodes.


Why would there be rebar in this evil tribal cave?!
— Pat
She's been willing to accept her lover's body, especially in the EAR CANAL.
— Matt
Lara Croft, dick killer!
— Matt
Look I run this shit!
— Pat
Pamela Anderson, truly the face of hepatitis!
— Pat
He just wants to see his kids! No!
— Matt

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