Two Best Friends Play:


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Game WWE '13
Length 26:06
Upload Date Jul 7, 2013
Winner Woolie
Next Machinima - Saints Row IV Brawl - Def Jam Fight For New York
Previous Machinima - Xbox Live Indie Games IV Brawl - Perfect Dark
“Marvel is now, suckas!” — Woolie

Two Best Friends Play: WWE '13 (BRAWL EDITION) is a Machinima and Super Best Friends Brawl collaboration. The American Dream, The Ginger Buff, and Woolie duke it out by playing as themselves and by bringing out the last of the OG's, marking the return of Reptile, Zubaz, and The Shockmaster.


— Video Description


Woolie, you know, you're not part of it. You're just here.
— Matt
It's a ghost versus a pimp versus some weird ass fetish man.
— Matt
Stomp on the ass!
— Pat
Let me do the fucking signature, you fucking asshole!
— Pat
Suck it. Suck the ass man!
— Woolie
I've really made it far in life now.
— Pat
I'm doing this for you, Emma!
— Matt
Pat's a demon!
— Woolie
Plague of Gripes and me were separated at birth!
— Pat
There's no preset for "desperately holding on to hair"?
— Pat
It's Mahvel, baby!
— Woolie
I've got the hottest jacuzzi back stage and all the babes are waiting.
— Woolie
With nobody in it.
— Matt
Liam's in there.
— Pat
You adapted to the dog shit faster because you're used to the smell.
— Pat
Unfortunately Woolie, your contract with Best Friends is coming to a close, so I'd just like to tell you that, YOU'RE FIRED!
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • The song used in-between rounds one and two (at 10:17) is "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour, used as the theme song for CM Punk since 2011.
  • The song used in-between rounds two and three (at 17:31) is "Break the Walls Down" by Anthony Martini, used as the theme song for Chris Jericho from 1999 to 2012.
  • The signs in the crowd during the third match include: "YOLO", "Who cares about Kevin Nash?", "Bad Ass", "USA", "Leader of the Zack Pack", and "Beast Mode".
  • This is the longest Machinima episode to date.


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