New Super Best Friends Play

WWE 2K16

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Game WWE 2K16
Season 10
Episode 5
Length 15:09
Upload Date Dec 6, 2015
Controller Competitive
Previous Fallout 4
Next Star Wars Battlefront
“John Cena's head exploded. Daniel Bryan got disintegrated.” — Matt

New Super Best Friends Play WWE 2K16 is a Machinima episode in which Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam update fans on another year's worth of dead wrestlers, watch tables stutter into existence, and pit nature's most ruthless killing machines against each other.


About[edit | edit source]

The Super Best Friends are trained YouTube professionals, do not attempt what you see here at home. You could seriously injure yourself when you see how bad these series of games have gotten.
— Website description

Quotes[edit | edit source]

What are we here for? Just to suffer.
— Liam
You feel it too, don't you.
— Pat
That guy, that shot, looks more like Kofi than Xavier.
— Pat
Ahh, I think you have racist vision on.
— Woolie
Have you seen him before? He is a persona.
— Liam about Finn Baylor
Should I start watching wrestling again?
— Pat
— Matt, Woolie, and Liam
John Cena's head exploded. Daniel Bryan got disintegrated.
— Matt
Seth Rollins gets to injure himself and John Cena.
— Pat
Randy Orton shit himself into non-existence.
— Matt
I want this arena to switch to Fetus of God right now, and Balor gets a power up.
— Matt
Straight Outta Grillby's.
— Woolie
Woolie, how did you gain health back?
— Pat
I have no idea. I'm not looking at that at all and I don't get this system.
— Woolie
I fell into a burning ring of ladders.
— Woolie
Your foster parents are dead, Benoit.
— Matt
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