Super Best Friends Brawl:

WWF No Mercy

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Game WWF No Mercy
Length 21:07
Upload Date May 5, 2012
Winner Matt
Next Super Smash Bros

For the Super Best Friends Stream event, see WWF No Mercy (Stream)

“Everyone's friends. Everything's fun.” — Matt

Super Best Friends Brawl - WWF No Mercy features Pat, Matt and Woolie taking each other on in some threeway rasslin. Pat never played the game and Matt and Woolie were clearly rusty as nothing but really confusing gameplay occurs during the entire playthrough (such as super elaborate pins during ladder matches). Woolie says he's "The 'Baz" far too often, Stop signs the size of cars are used and Matt somehow finds himself winning a Brawl for no other reason than he sucked the least.


The first episode of SUPER BEST FRIENDS BRAWL has been unleashed on the unsuspecting masses! Join Matt, Pat and Woolie as they tear through the gauntlet of local multiplayer gaming! Who will come out on top to be the king of shit mountain?
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

— Woolie
Why does he have a scale? And why is he ice skating?
— Pat
That's the cane you just used to kill your family.
— Matt On Reptile being introduced with Chris Benoit's intro
You never told me the controls good enough.
— Pat
Ooooh! I just picked up your big fat ass!
— Pat
No. You fucked with the 'Baz. It's going down.
— Woolie
Who will win in the ancient war of ladders vs bells?
— Matt
We do all these sick moves and none of them hit anyone ever.
— Pat
Stop The Riddler!
— Matt referring to Reptile
Fucking Green Lantern looking motherfucker.
— Woolie referring to Reptile
I have no spirit left in my spirit body. Now I'll never be the Avatar.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • Pat almost perfectly recites the "How is babby formed" meme line for line during this playthrough.
  • This was the very first Brawl episode ever and marked Matt's first victory in the series.

Gallery Edit

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