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Woolie in the season nine intro, as drawn by 2Snacks.
“Losing is winning.” — Woolie

Woolie Madden is Youtube personality,Twitch streamer, and fighting game aficionado that was member of the Best Friends Zaibatsu along with Matt, Pat, and Liam. He debuted in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and currently hosts the Castle Super Beast podcast (formerly The Super Best Friendcast) with Pat.

His Twitter account is @WoolieWoolz and his Tumblr account is excelsioryuken. Woolie also has his own YouTube channel, WoolieVersus and accompanying Twitch account.


Woolie's description in Super Smash Bros.

Woolie was a friend of both Matt and Pat before they became friends and they met one another through their mutual friendship with Woolie. He was originally offered to be in the Kirby's Epic Yarn pilot episode alongside Matt but declined because he was too busy watching a stream of Street Fighter 4 gameplay at the time.

He is noted for facing off against legendary Street Fighter player Daigo Umehara at Evolution 2012, which became his primary bragging point (and a source of ridicule from Matt and Pat since he lost), and turning down a threesome with two bisexual women to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He is still traumatized over a childhood memory of all of his family pile-driving his Hulk doll and then curb stomping it into submission.

Woolie's interests include short-haired girls, the colour green, and Mahvel, a term used in the Fighting Game Community (FGC) for the Marvel vs Capcom series.

In CSB #54 Woolie has revealed his life's goal of finding out and adhering to The Universal Truth, even if that would force him to take upon himself the burden of becoming the leader of the illuminated. Unfortunately, the only universal truth, that anyone has ever "found", continues to be the universal absolute morality. And so, somewhere around summer of 2020 Woolie has taken liking to Youtube's shadow-banning feature via channel's blacklist. Now he silently prowls the comment section and permanently cleanses it from infidels. What exactly it takes to earn the wrath of The Patriarch of The House of The Universal Truth (a.k.a. The King Truther) is unknown, as he holds silence, but one can check if they've been blacklisted by making a comment on any video on his channel and opening its direct link (from the timestamp) in "privacy mode".

Known Aliases[]


Stop being afraid of being wrong. Embrace being wrong, adjust your views constantly, and become the best version of you that you can before you die.
— Woolie
Believe in the heart of the cards.
— Woolie
It's my job to say 'I got this' then fail.
— Woolie

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  • Woolie's birthday is December 4, 1985. [1]
  • Woolie is his real name, as well as his father's name. [2].
  • Woolie married Punchmom on Septermber 1, 2021.
  • Woolie worked in game QA (quality assurance) and was the one who met Liam through work. It was revealed during Con Bravo 2014 that both he and Liam quit their jobs to work with the Zaibatsu full time, however.
  • Woolie lived in Grenada at some point in his childhood, as revealed during No More Heroes 2. He was born in Canada however, according to his Reddit AMA.
  • Woolie went to Sheridan College in Ontario to study art because he loves the quality and number of keyframes of Disney Animation, as revealed in the Kingdom Hearts LP.
  • Woolie doesn't like dogs or cats, a fact Matt doesn't think should be shared because he thinks everyone will hate Woolie for it. To the contrary, however, he's shown an affinity towards Matt's cat, Zach.
  • According to part twenty-five of Deadly Premonition, Woolie is a "notorious" liar and pie stealer.
  • The symbol on Woolie's hat is the "Guardian Icon" from the animated TV series ReBoot.
  • According to Matt in episode five of the Killer Is Dead playthrough, Woolie killed a guy once in football and stole his bloody jersey. Pat said they shouldn't talk about it since it's sealed in his juvenile records. Matt later said this might not be true.
  • Woolie was hospitalized by a bite from a venomous ant and almost died. When he got out of the hospital he was then attacked by a bee. Matt and Pat believe this was nature's payback for his hatred of animals.
  • Wants to be good at Tetris Attack.
  • Noted for his masterful theft of pies from windowsills, although he has never been caught by the authorities.
  • In Yakuza 0 playthrough Matt has revealed that Woolie has one giant muscly leg and that covered half of the same side of his body is white, in style of White Zetsu. The result of Naruto ninja-run training.
  • Woolie's cousin was an M249 SAW gunner in Al-Fallujah, stating as such in his Spec Ops: The Line playthrough.

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