Woolie Figure Out
“I have no plan, but if I don't start this now, I never will.” — Woolie

Woolie Will Figure It Out, or WWFIO, is a sporadically updated podcast hosted by Woolie. Each episode begins with a short introduction by Woolie followed by an interview with his guest. The topics typically relate to a creative project the guest has attempted and failed, or abandoned.

Updates on new podcasts are posted on Woolie's Twitter @WoolieWoolz.

The podcast is hosted on Libsyn. The iTunes page is located here.


Occasionally. guests will also appear on the show. A majority of the episode will take place as usual, without the guest, and the guest will be introduced later. Guests have included:


0. Upload & Panic

  1. Failcast: Heroes Arrive in 35
  3. Jack and the End of the World
  4. Here Comes REKLAW
  5. Anti-spiral
  6. Eyepatch Wolf's Angel City
  7. The Success Trap
  8. Everything is everything
  9. One in The Chamber
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