Super Best Friends Brawl:

Worms 2: The Armageddon

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Game Worms 2: The Armageddon
Length 33:11
Upload Date Jun 14, 2012
Winner Matt
Next Super Bomberman 5
Previous Super Smash Bros
“I entertained all of you and I was the most precise. You can all blow me.” — Pat

Super Best Friends Brawl - Worms 2: The Armageddon features Pat, Matt and Woolie trying to navigate the Worms 2 world on Xbox 360 controllers. Pat's character resembled Levar Burton and kept saying "nobody loves me" (which may have struck too close to home), Matt's was a random jobber and Woolie was a spicy Latina whom Pat & Matt hit on. Worms Hitomi J-Cup, The Baby, Raidou, Zangief, Reptile, The Baz, Samus Aran and many others obey their masters orders in a strategy based duel that ends in strategic genius, Matt winning.


The world of Best Friends Brawl explodes onto the battlefield that is Worms Armageddon! Will Pat ever win one of these epic showdowns!?!?
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Remember that time Pat was Levar Burton?
— Matt
How do you shoot the gun!?
— Pat
All the worms in the world put on frilly dresses and blow you.
— Pat
[After Reptile is killed] Hey guess what, now he's invisible.
— Woolie
Your parents also told you they don't love you.
— Matt
They don't tell me that, all the time.
— Pat
What would Churchill say?
— Woolie
I gave your Mom some come uppins last night.
— Matt
Woolie's team entertained everybody! Are you not entertained?!
— Woolie
Let's check out that sick replay of your murder.
— Pat
— Pat talking about Woolie

Trivia Edit

  • One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy 7 is played during this episode.
  • The "Dillon, you son of a bitch" scene from Predator, which spawned the avatar of the Predator: Concrete Jungle series, is featured.

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