Rustlemania 2: SuperBrawl Saturday III

Wrestlemania The Arcade Game

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Game Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game
Length 29:13
Winner Matt
Previous Wrestle Angels Survivor!
Next 5 Star Wrestling
“Oh shit. Doink and the Undertaker. The canon team.” — Pat

Wrestlemania The Arcade Game is the tenth episode in the Best Friends' Rustlemania 2: SuperBrawl Saturday III special.


"REWWOWWRRR! Digitized humans in silly costumes pretending to fight? How silly is that? Who would dress up in costumes and pretend to wrestle? Oh right, the idiot I live with. Speaking of which, FEED ME HUMAN!"
— Video Description


Matt and Pat go from being In Your House to the hanging out at The Arcade and wind up going over announcing guidelines, killing two guys in a parking lot, turning off the AI, trying to run WWE back, and discovering the forbidden match.


Look, it's Bored Midway Employee #7.
— Matt
Where's the main menu at? Is it in options? Is it in controller?
— Pat
“'I need a job. I'm gonna start wrestling after I killed those guys.' Self defense, he claims but y'know...
— Matt about Scott Hall
So it's just like how we hired Woolie.
— Pat
What's with my arm?
— Pat
It turns into a giant razor. C'mon.
— Matt
Oh, I remember that.
— Pat
Remember Asian font?
— Matt
Yeah. I used it once. To write my fan-fiction.
— Pat
Oh shit. Doink and the Undertaker. The canon team.
— Pat
You haven't demonstrated a whole lot of skill, except for all your flawless victories.
— Matt
Look at all my hearts. I'm like a fucking guy from Warhammer over here.
— Matt
That's a good one. I appreciate that. I and three other people appreciate that.
— Pat
Yeah, Lex Luger should just eat a banana.
— Pat

Jimmies' Status Edit

Matt - [ ]Rustled [X]Unrustled

Pat - [ ]Rustled [X]Unrustled

Woolie - Not Present

Liam' - Not Present


  • The guest cameo at the start of the video is Pat Contri otherwise known as "Pat the NES Punk".


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