Two Best Friends Play:

Xbox Live Indie Games IV

Xbox Live Indie Games IV
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Game Various Xbox Live indie games
Season 7
Episode 12
Length 19:37
Upload Date Jun 30, 2013
Controller Matt & Pat
Previous Mortal Kombat Komplete
Next WWE '13
“Xbox Live Indie Games, you are the worst. We hate you with a burning passion. You are the most popular thing we do.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Xbox Live Indie Games IV is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat look into the deep Woolie Hole, get stalked by Satan, hide in a sea of men, play Robert Unicorn Attack, and make a human goat tower with floppy dicks.


No, no…this has to be some type of fever dream, we’re doing this? Is this really happening?
— Website description



I hate this. I feel like a prostitute playing these games.
— Pat
She just took a bunch of licorice and wrapped it around her gams.
— Matt
Nothing's scarier than Sunday school.
— Matt
Predator aliens are now attacking!
— Matt
Jason! Jason!
— Matt
Is that a fucking Street Shark?!
— Pat
Just throw a bunch of food at her!
— Matt
As far as indie platformers go, at least it's better than Fez.
— Matt
It's more dick physics than I expected.
— Pat
You'll never get up on top of me!
— Pat



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