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Yakuza 0

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Game Yakuza 0
Season 11
Episode 6
Length 13:31
Upload Date Jan 29, 2017
Controller Pat
Previous Final Fantasy XV
Next Conan Exiles

For the full Let's Play, see Yakuza 0 (Full Let's Play)]]

“Graphics will never get better than this in 1988.” — Matt

Super Best Friends Play Yakuza 0 is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat travel back to before the white suit to help Kiryu invade dorms, murder drunks, navigate the sphere grid and fight the Red Panda clan.


Get ready to join the confusing world of Yakuzies as we sing and fight and sing some more! ZERO STYLE!
— Video description


Yeah, I love my Yakuzies!
— Pat
There's lots of Japanese men who are impossibly attractive. Y'know, the ones that they deport.
— Matt
Get out of here! You'll cause pregnancies.
— Pat
Look at all these fucking Bumble Kings.
— Matt
Did you say 'wadies'?
— Pat
It's really bad today.
— Matt
It is really bad. Did we forget to take our stroke medicine?
— Pat
Hello Red Panda base?
— Matt
I need a Yakuza now!
— Pat
Graphics will never get better than this in 1988.
— Matt

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