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“Meow. I hate Woolie. I hate him.” — Zach

Zach was Matt's pet cat and mascot of the Best Friends Zaibatsu.


Zach was a 5-6 year old angora cat that Matt got from a friend who rescued him from the streets. He got his name from a poll Matt made where fans could choose between Zach, Schmuckers, Luca, and Ghost. Zach is apparently very skittish, much like Matt's snake, Jack.

Zach passed away on June 19, 2020 at the estimate age of 16 years.

Known Aliases Edit

  • Sweet Baby (by Matt)

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Trivia Edit

  • The name Zach is a reference to Francis York Morgan's other self in Deadly Premonition.
  • Matt shared a comic on the Best Friends' Facebook page depicting him saving the stray cat. Matt says that "If you don't cry during this, there's something wrong with you. I know I sure did."
  • Matt originally planned to train Zach to claw at Woolie's face and Pat's balls. Because of Liam's solitary support of Matt's decision to get a cat, he was the only one who was not planned to be maimed. However, this plan was debunked by Zach being declawed.
  • In episode twenty-seven of the Super Best Friendcast, Matt revealed that he had to give his rats away to two of the Dork Girls, because Zach was stressing them out. This is despite the fact that Zach evidently had no idea that the rats were even there.
  • In videos that take place in Matt's home, Zach's collar jingles can be heard occasionally in the background.


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